Located north of Mt. Rokko in Hyogo Prefecture, Arima Hot Spring resort town can be found at the base of a mountain in a valley filled with Japanese maples. In this hot spring area with abundant nature, such as Zuihoji Park which is famous for its Japanese maples, and the Arima River which is enjoyable to stroll along, there is a “silver spring” which features clear spring water and a “golden spring” which features water that turns a reddish-brown when it makes contact with air. It is also known as a spring well-loved by historical figure Hideyoshi Toyotomi and is one of Japan’s three oldest hot springs. As such, there are several very old inns, with the oldest inn in Arima being Tocen Goshoboh Inn. Established about 800 years ago in the Kamakura Period, history tells us that Yoshimitsu Ashikaga sojourned here, and remains indicate that Hideyoshi set up his palace in Arima.

The current Tocen Goshoboh Inn has been refurbished but retains all the charms of the past and is an inn that has been providing excellent Japanese cuisine due to the skilled chef. The meals usually feature mountain-based ingredients, but in this tour the cuisine will focus on high-quality ingredients from Hyogo Prefecture. Together with the chef, guests will select fresh seafood that has been harvested from Akashiura Fishing Port, as well as Kobe beef; the meal will be order-made based on the type of cuisine the guest would like to eat. Additionally, guests will visit a sake brewery in the Nada area of Hyogo and can enjoy selecting a fine Japanese sake to accompany their meal with brewery staff.

At Goshoboh, we’ve prepared a variety of ways to pass the time, including strolling through town with the proprietress (who has been designated as a “Cool Japan Ambassador” by the National Cabinet Office), enjoying time with Arima ‘geisha’, trekking through Mt. Rokko, and more.



HIGHLIGHTS 01- Listen to the story of a producer of Kobe beef

The ancestor of high grade Wagyu beef is in Ojiro, in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture, where “Tajima-guro” beef was first produced under the Tajima beef brand. While protecting these cows threatened
with endangerment up to the present time, the 15th-generation inn manager has fostered a friendship with the people of Ojiro town, and this is the reason that high quality Kobe beef can be obtained. Guests
can learn about the superior qualities of Kobe beef directly from the producer.



HIGHLIGHTS 02- Participate in a seafood auction at Akashiura Fishing Port

Entrance to the auction is allowed only for a few select inns in the Kobe area. Guests can view and choose the fish they like, and the chef will bid in the auction and make cuisine according to the guest’s wishes.



HIGHLIGHTS 03- Visit a Japanese sake brewery in Kobe

Visit the sake brewery that produces “Fukuju”, the sake served at the Nobel Prize dinner ceremony. Sommeliers rich in overseas experience will explain the differences between wine and sake in English, as well as how to enjoy sake the Kobe way. As well as touring and learning about the brewery, guests can sample special sakes produced at the brewery and choose a sake to accompany their dinner using their five senses.



HIGHLIGHTS 04- Luxurious time at the inn

Based on the ingredients selected, the chef will prepare dinner while communicating with the customer to make a one-time, unique dinner for that guest only. Enjoy an exclusively, private natural hot spring of 6 million-year-old seawater.