We are a Destination Management Company (DMC) in Japan, offering unique cultural experiences. Our offices in Kyoto and Kamakura cover major tourist destinations and lesser-known areas like Akita in Japan’s Tohoku region.

We provide authentic travel products, including Japanese food culture, crafts, and lifestyle experiences. Additionally, we have our own original sake brand and offer exclusive regional experiences to discover Japan’s national beverage.

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1) Kyoto

Kyoto was the site of Japan’s capital for over 1,000 years and remains a treasure trove of culture, art, and history. Sake plays a crucial role in this story, and the city has much to offer those interested in Japan’s national drink. From our office in central Kyoto, we work with various local suppliers to offer a wide range of immersive experiences.

Products we offer in Kyoto

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2) Harima

For centuries, Harima has been a vital part of Japanese culture and history. During the medieval period, a robust industry of crafts and agriculture developed around Himeji Castle, today a UNESCO World Heritage site. Harima is said to be the birthplace of sake, and its fertile lands produce some of Japan’s finest produce.

Products we offer in Harima

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3) Nagahama

Nagahama is one of the few regions in Japan where a slow pace of life remains. During its snowy winters, foodstuffs are preserved forming a unique culture of fermented foods. This gave birth to sushi, perhaps Japan’s most recognizable cuisine. An abundance of quality rice also led to the development of a thriving sake industry, and some of the finest local sake (jizake) is still produced here.

Products we offer in Nagahama

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4) Hakone

There is much more to Hakone than the lake and the pirate ship near Mt Fuji. The Hakone dear to the hearts of the Japanese is the iconic respite along the old Tokaido trail. The original retreat destination. This is where the real magic of Hakone lies yet is sadly all too often missed.

Products we offer in Hakone

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5) Kamakura

While Kamakura is known for its Zen temples and ancient history as a capital, many visitors overlook its other attractions. By engaging with locals and knowledgeable guides, you can discover the town’s diverse offerings and delve deeper into its rich heritage and culture.

Products we offer in Kamakura

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